Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Family Shoot

I had yet to take any family photos of my new little family since the day Jaxx was born.  My sweet husband, Heath, had the holiday off so we head out to capture a few precious photos of us and our sweet baby.  Jaxx was fed and happy, but getting so sleepy. You'll see, he's yawning in just about every photos. So cute!

Sweet daddy time :)

Jaxx 1 Month

My sweet baby, Jaxx, is growing like a weed and beginning to get pretty chubby. I personally think he is the cutest think ever created, but these photos prove my point.  I took the photos particularly for my dad to hang in his den. I used his favorite saddle and an old pair of his boots just for fun. I hope you enjoy!

Being a baby is such hard work!

I can't believe how chunky he looks in these next few photos

Precious little feet!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Finley Turns 2!

My sweet nephew Finley turned 2 on May 7th! We headed out to my parents house (the farm) for a cowboy party where the kids enjoyed a scavenger hunt, smores and horse back riding.  Finley was so excited and absolutely the cutest little cow poke out there.

Details, details

My tiny little cow poke, Jaxx

Finley and Poppy

Finley sittin' on Squirt all by himself!

Poppy and Bam Bam made Finn these adorable chaps, just like Poppy's!


Who knew throwing a coke into a bucket of water could be so fun!

Then, when I asked him to drink the coke, he proceeded to dunk his head into the bucket, silly boy.

Stompin' with Momma



Gone! "I'm alright"

Family photo op

Taking off across the yard just as fast as his little legs will take him!

Happy Birthday Finny, we love you!