Monday, December 12, 2011

Rothwells {NWA Family Portrait Photographer}

Derek, Amber and Owen are the brother and sister-in-law of our best friends Luke and Jessica who moved to Kansas City.  The weather was beautiful this past weekend, so we headed out to capture this sweet family.  It is also Owen's big 1st birthday! Owen is so funny and makes the cutest faces.  As long as momma was right close, he was just fine, but if Amber ventured away it was bad news.  We had a good time and little Owen was a champ! Enjoy!

Happy 1st Birthday Owen!!!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Carlson's {Family}

It's the most wonderful time of the year! It is so much fun to photograph your family. You've seen Jess, Ashley and Clay on the blog before, many times actually.  I love the field we took the photos in. Sadly, it wasn't supposed to be cloudy and the golden field would have looked perfect with the evening sun, but we took what we got.  This is such a sweet family! You can tell how much they love eachother and how in love with their sweet baby.

Such a sweet face!

Clay lovin' Momma. This is so sweet!

Cute little Santa Baby, I love this!

Love you Jess, Ashley and Clay Daniel! Thanks for letting my take you're precious Christmas photos!

Amelia {7 days}

Meet Amelia! She was the cutest little thing.  She wasn't a very sleepy baby, but was sweet as can be. She had the cutest little wimper that never really turned into a major cry.  We did a combination of family portraits and newborn portraits. What a sweet new family!

I love this photo of Amelia's feet in Mommy and Daddy's hands, so sweet!

Look at those chubby cheeks!

Thank you Kevin and Anna for giving me the opportunity to capture these sweet moments!

Jaxx {7 months}

My sweet boy Jaxx is 7 months old already! I can't beleive how fast he's growing up.  He has started crawling and pulling up. He aware of everything around him. I didn't know I could love anything or anyone so much. 

He looks a bit mischevious in this one :)

This is the sweetest smile I know! 

Mommy loves you Jaxx Heath! XOXO

Mason { 7 weeks}

Mason is the sweet baby of our best friends, Luke and Jessica.  Unfortunately, Luke and Jessica moved to KC this past Spring so we don't get to see them often enough, but over Thanksgiving they were here to visit family and we were able to spend the weekend together.  Not to mention snap a few of Mason for Christmas.  We are so blessed to have them as our friends.

I love Mason's scruntched up little face!

We love you Mason, don't grow up too fast!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Andrew {2012 Harbor High School Senior}

I can't believe Andrew will be graduating in the Spring.  Just a little background for you...Andrew is my brother's brother-in-law. He was just a little guy when Jess and Ashley first got together almost 11 years ago!!!  Andrew is a pretty cool dude, and I'm pretty sure it shows through his photos.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Asher Isaac {18 days old}

Meet my newest nephew, Asher Isaac. Asher had a rough start to life. :( Just one week after he was born, he was taken to the hospital with a 101.5 fever and was red from head to toe. After close to a week in the hospital and several tests, included a spinal to check for meningitis, everything came back clear and the doctors chalked it up to something viral. Asher is well and healthy now, as you can see.  He has the chubbiest little cheeks and check out his pouty lips. Love him so much!

A few of my personal faves are the tire shots. :)